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Dean Lathbury - Head Chef

"After my travels when younger I returned to Newcastle where I feel most comfortable and back to the city I adore. Whilst moving around I was exposed to different cuisines, flavours and textures from all the places I have worked, lived or visited which I will be using throughout the Unions Rooms menu.

The restaurant scene is booming at the moment with new concepts and restaurants opening all the time. I believe the Union Rooms will be known for its great food, using classic cooking techniques combined with contemporary flavours. I have also put an emphasis on the ever-growing vegan diet, as we try to do our bit in reducing our carbon footprint #veganvibes"


Keeva Peet - Assistant Manager

“I’m an Irish girl at heart and my move to Newcastle came when I joined Northumbria University. But, after three years I fell in love with the city, our great Union Rooms team and the friendly atmosphere, which reminded me very much of home.

“A good manager is like a four-leafed clover; hard to find and lucky to have.

“Let’s just say I was a little shocked when I was asked to become the new assistant manager of the Union Rooms. I really believe the best team comes from their manager - looking after my team, making sure everyone is happy within their roles and ensuring the day to day running of the Union Rooms is all smooth, are my absolute priorities - always.”

Laura Clark - Duty Manager

“Oh that’s right I’m the cellar girl, making sure all our Union Rooms products, orders, cellar, gass and coolers are all in the right order. Because let’s face it, if the temperature of the cellar ain’t right, your weekend will be ruined - and I certainly don’t want to be the one to spoil that well-deserved pint.

During our refurb, it was great to see lots of new products through our doors, I feel we can now offer a lot more quality and diversity within the drinks we sell, which can only benefit our reputation as a modern bar in the heart of our city. It also means our guests will feel more welcomed into our beautiful building, finally appreciating its history.”


Gavin Ayres - Restaurant Manager

“I’ve been known to like a challenge and that’s what I first thought when I was approached to join the Union Rooms team - I’ve always been aware of the building and knew how truly amazing the venue could be; that’s when I knew I had to join the team and get stuck right in!

I started in the industry at the age of just 16 and after 25 years I feel as though my high standards of service will complement the high quality of food from our head chef Dean; who I previously worked with for over 3 years in a well known Gosforth eatery - So trust me we have this restaurant covered!”

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